Mandla Deskins

ANC 7C02

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About Me 

  • Support our community during the Covid crisis

  • Grocery options

  • Make sure neighbors can afford to stay in our neighborhood

  • Make elected officials and city government accountable to us 

  • Clean up and improve the Marvin Gaye Trail and other green spaces

  • A racial and gender equity approach


Did I miss something? Email me: Mandlafor7c02@gmail.com


My Priorities

I'm a parent, husband, advocate, and your neighbor. 

I've been an advocate for education, financial reform and civil rights for the last decade, always working to make leaders accountable to their communities and building towards the larger vision of what could be. This is the outlook and blueprint I seek to bring to ANC 7C. 

I am running because we DESERVE to thrive. 

I'm running because the nearest quality grocery store is 15 minutes away by car and at least double that on public transportation, because it takes too many community meetings, emails, and social media posts to get our elected and city officials to respond to our needs, because our children deserve safety and support, because our neighbors should have access to the best that DC has to offer without worrying about being displaced. 

Most importantly, I'm running to do my part in addressing the race and gender equity issues that create the ills that plague our community, while also helping to build community in our neighborhood.


You'll see me walking the neighborhood with my family and doggy, Monty.


I'll have a mask, so let's talk about your concerns, my vision, and let's build on our neighborhood together!

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57th and Blaine Street

Washington, DC 20019